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Word of the Director

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Word of the Director

I hope this finds you well despite the crises and tragedies affecting Lebanon.

Today, the information and instructions given by the Lebanese authorities and the French Embassy allow us to finally communicate to you the modalities for resuming classes.

First of all, before the official Back to School, we will be offering remediation classes, placement tests and online courses from September 15 to 25, for all classes except for Preschool classes. Preschool classes will benefit from a customized pre-back-to-school system, over the same period of time, which will be communicated to those concerned.

Timetables and clear instructions will be sent to you at the end of the week.

Starting September 28, all classes will be welcomed gradually at CPF as per a specified calendar for the official start of the academic year.

Priority will be given, from Monday, September 28, to the classes of PS / KG1, MS / KG2, GS / KG3, CP / Grade 1, CE1/ Grade 2, 6e / Grade 6, 3e / Grade 9, 2nde / Grade 10, Grade 11 IBDP1, Terminale / Sec 3 ES and Grade 12.

On Tuesday 29th we will have the start of the CE2/Grade 3, CM1 / Grade 4 and CM2/ Grade 5.

Finally on Wednesday 30th, 5e / Grade7 and 4e/ Grade 8 classes will be welcomed.

We have the great advantage with our reduced number of students to accommodate all classes on our campus without having to form groups.

Rest assured that all measures will be implemented to guarantee the highest level of health standards.

In this regard, I am pleased to announce that we are recruiting a qualified nursing staff for this new academic year.

Dear parents, we will get back to you in the coming few days for new practical details.

We are really very happy to know that your children will finally find their way back to school.

We will be very attentive to their development and will do everything possible to ensure that the necessary remediation is as effective as possible.


I send you my warmest greetings and thank you for your trust.

Wishing you a smooth Back to School.


Bruno Jacquier.