The booklists 2021-2022 will be available on the school website starting Friday July 16.CPF Dik El Mehdi's offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


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Parents' Committee

The Parent Committee is elected over a period of three years. It represents all the school parents before the administration.

Mrs. Reine CHAHWAN (Baddoura) -  President                


Mr. Ghazi RAFFOUL -  Vice-President                                      


Mrs. Christine ATALLAH (Rayess) – Secretary


Mrs. Anastasia  ABOU JAOUDE (Saraeva)  - Financial Commission


Mrs. Tania KHADIJ (Chebli) - Member



You may contact the Parents' Committee on the following email address: comite.parents.montana@cpf.edu.lb




School Council

The distribution of seats in the School Council:  

  • Administration : 5 seats (General Director - Vice General Director - Administrative and Financial Director- Head of Student Life - Director of Primary School) 
  • Teaching Body : 5 seats
  • Administrative Staff and Employees : 1 seat
  • Parents : 3 seats
  • Students : 2 seats


Primary School Council

The distribution of seats in the Primary School Council:  

  • Administration : 3 seats (General Director - Director of Primary School - Supervisor of Primary School) 
  • Teaching Body : 4 seats
  • Parents : 2 seats