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Grade 10 students are invited to spend 3 days in a company or along a liberal profession.


  • Objectives of the Project

The content of the internship must enable the student trainee to discover a profession, understand how it works (or the functioning of one of its services), and perform certain tasks or activities adapted to his/her level, based on the opportunities available in the hosting company.

  • How to proceed?

Reflect and identify on professional areas of interest. Search in the family circle and your close environment for a possibility to find a place for internship.

  • The internship agreement

A document, the internship agreement, which defines the conditions of reception of the student trainee in the hosting company, will be given to you when the student has found an appropriate location for the internship.

This agreement must be well read and signed by the student and the parents, the representative of the hosting company and the school.

  • Review

Upon completion of the internship, the student trainee must give an in-class oral presentation to evaluate this experience.

  • Parents' participation

In order to help as many students as possible to find an internship location, the career orientation office incites CPFM families welcome, when applicable, students other than their own child in their own company or place work.

In order to be able to gather all the necessary information related to the companies or the people that host students’ trainees, we kindly ask you to complete the Internship offer form below.


 Internship Agreement 

 Intership offer