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Hygiene and Dental Health

As part of the School Health Program, the school nurse conducted a virtual session for elementary students on nthe theme: "Health and tooth brushing"


Sleep Hygiene

Good Quality Sleep is fundamental for the physical, psychological and cognitive development of the child.

In the context of the School Health Program, our nurse organized an online session entitled « Sleep Hygiene » addressed to all elementary school students.


Food hygiene in collaboration with the Collège Protestant Français of Beirut

Mrs. Rindalla BERRO, responsible of prevention, solidarity and mediation at the Collège Protestant Français of Beirut, animated a session on food hygiene for preschool students, an important topic because health, well-being and academic success are closely linked.

As part of the Prevention Program, the next two presentations will focus on: Personal hygiene, and sleep and the screen.



Hygiene and Dental Health: The school, an essential and effective place

Intervention of the orthodontist Mrs. Rachelle Mouchantaf at the Primary school, for the adoption of good oral health practices.