Solidarity Club - Anamel Lubnan

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29 Nov 2021
Solidarity Club - Anamel Lubnan

The recovery of our Lebanon is found at the fingertips of its people.

In the midst of the economic crisis that all Lebanese are going through, the solidarity club at CPF Montana chose to put in place a project that may contribute to the drastic economic challenges that many of the Lebanese producers and artisans are facing.

«Anamel Lubnan» is a school-based initiative that is addressed to local producers, artisans and handcraft workers who will be invited, on different occasions, to present their work and sell their products on our school campus.

Students will be introduced to different types of local productions and will be encouraged to buy from the hosts for support.

In addition, CPF will be hosting throughout the year on its campus, Lebanese producers or handcraft such as: Shoemakers, tailors, soap makers….